COVID-19, locusts, flooding: WHO and triple threat in Somalia

Why a multi-disciplinary approach for Disaster Risk Management?

In Somalia, there are some days when the sky suddenly darkens as hundreds of millions of hungry desert locusts descend over the country’s crops. 

This year’s locust outbreak is Somalia’s worst in 25 years, threatening the food supply, and prompting the government to declare a national emergency in February. The infestation was exacerbated by heavy floods that have displaced half a million people and created an ideal breeding ground for the locusts.

To that nightmare scenario, add a pandemic. A pandemic in a country already fighting many serious threats, such as terrorist groups who control large parts of rural areas, or the widespread corruption in the country. 

Despite these challenges, WHO’s country representative is resolute.

“We can only end this pandemic if we can end it in settings like Somalia,” said Dr. Mamunur Rahman Malik. 

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