Job opportunity: Scientific Project Officer in climate services

We propose a scientific officer position to perform research on climate extremes and climate services as a basis for
drought monitoring and forecasting as well as climate predictions. The selected candidate will contribute
to the mission of the Unit by focusing on resilience to and predictability of climate extremes such as
drought and heat waves at the European and global scales, a deliver scientific solutions in line with the
EU climate change adaptation and disaster risk management policy. The candidate will work in the team
responsible for the European and global drought observatories (EDO and GDO; ) of the Copernicus Emergency Management Service.

The successful candidate will be in charge of:
• Integrating effectively climate forecasts and predictions, at different time scales, into the
existing climate services and early warning systems of the Unit;
• Improve drought predictability by better understanding its precursors, the land-atmosphere
interaction across scales, and the teleconnection effects;
• Analyse the multi-sectorial impacts of drought and heat waves under current and future climate
• Dissemination/publication of results both at scientific and policy-making level;
• Initiate and maintain constructive dialogue with colleagues on status and requirements of
drought forecasting and prediction;
• Report to team members and Team Leader on new modules and activities

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Code: 2021-IPR-E1-FGIV-018649 - ISPRA
Title: FG IV - Scientific Project Officer in climate services
Deadline: 25/10/2021 23:59 Brussels time

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