Strengthening the Synergies between Agriculture and Flood Risk Management in the European Union

The aim of this work was to summarise the current situation in Member States (MS) in relation to agriculture and floods and to strengthen the coordination between agriculture and floods authorities with particular view of the current development of CAP Strategic Plans (CAP SPs) and second Flood Risk Management Plans (FRMPs). The report has five main topics:
- Strengthening the role and importance given to agriculture in the Flood Risk Management Plans;
- Strengthening the role and importance given to flood risk management in the CAP Strategic Plans;
- Supporting shifts in perception, understanding and capacity;
- Encourage knowledge production/sharing to support uptake of flood risk management measures;
- Improving coordination between agriculture and flood risk management authorities.
The MS survey responses showed that flood risk on agricultural land occurs almost everywhere but that agricultural lands are not sufficiently protected, nor is agricultural land contributing noticeably to flood prevention downstream. Although EU funds are used in around half of the MS surveyed these funds are not used to the full potential.

The survey responses and the available literature highlight the importance of the connections between flood risk management and agriculture. Despite this the available knowledge on the impact of floods on agriculture or the mitigation of flooding with the support of agriculture is fragmented and limited. 

It can be concluded that there is a need to improve the coordination between agriculture and flood risk management authorities and improve the advice on flood risk management that is available to farm advisors and farmers.
A nearly final draft of the report can be accessed on CIRCABC.

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